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Our roots are in inland shipping. With an incredibly rich history in the dry cargo market, our yards have seen their fair share of vessels materialize along the quayside.

Our core team of building and outfitting personnel understands that your investment is your source of income, and will therefore see to it that you leave us feeling proud of your ship!
Current regulations require an increased focus on emissions reduction and with our experience, your vessels will comply with the latest standards, safeguarding your operations for the future.

We encourage our clients to remain closely involved in the execution of the project, as we greatly appreciate day-to-day back and forth throughout the organization. Whether it's an engineering question, a facilities question or a question regarding the execution on the floor, all respective people are directly available and approachable for you.
Our goal is to have the organization completely accessible to you, and available to assist in making your vessel better.

"Quality and care in the way you expect from us!"

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