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In a market mostly driven by a requirement for brute force, Holland Shipyards Group believes that, while being able to deliver power is a necessity, the greatest savings are in the fact that most tugs and workboats operate in low power modes for the vast majority of the time.

By developing designs that are able to effectively address lighter operational modes, vast fuel and maintenance savings can be realized. In some cases, fuel savings can reach 30% or more! The tug and workboat market is ideally suited for hybridization, whether this is through batteries or simpler forms. In addition to operational savings and ease of maintenance, our designs are durable, easy to use and are cost comparable to main stream solutions in the market, which further supports your business case. On-board visits on reference vessels can be facilitated, to further clarify our vision on long-term solutions for the tug and workboat market.

"Our designs are always centered around three key-principles; Safety, Performance and Economy"

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