A shipyard often has priorities that are misaligned with yours as a vessel owner. Your focus is on the operational side of your fleet, where many yards seek to make a delivery and get through the warranty term unscathed. Holland Shipyards Group's strategy here is different. We do not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

By operating several vessels, we apply valuable operational insight in our new concepts and by doing so, create vessels that retain value for the future. Ease of maintenance, standardization of spare parts and intuitive working of systems are crucial to us. Our versatile fleet in the meantime is ready to assist you during your operations, either offshore, in port or in the short-sea or inland market. We provide our vessels for bareboat charter, time charter, hire-purchase or outright purchase. With backup from the shipyard, you can rest assured that top-notch service will be provided.

"By combining our activities as shipyard and ship owner, we provide a unique added value to your operations."

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