accommodation rentals

Based on extensive experience in the new building and refit market, we have developed a fleet of high quality accommodation modules for the rental market.

Our focus on providing a comfortable, integrated accommodation solution for our customers, has resulted in our non-standard solution of deploying large single deck modules, which can be mixed and matched at convenience, to result in the optimal setup for your vessel, barge or jack-up. We deeply understand that you have much larger things to worry about than your accommodation need, and we relieve you in a number of ways. Our setup can be made to operate self-reliant. We require little to no interface with the vessel, reducing complexity and preparations as well as reducing failure risk. Large setups can be mobilized in a matter of days, resulting in significant safety margins in your project planning. After all, your vessel is expensive, and never should an accommodation setup be on the critical path of your project timeline.

"Our flexible and integrated accommodation solution has minimal impact on your vessel and project planning."

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