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Projects often go south when there is no clearly defined scope. In no occasion is this more applicable than in the case of refits and life-time extension projects.

Systems can be partially non-compliant, but at the start of the project nobody knows to what degree exactly. Equipment may have worn down, but how far remains to be seen at later stage.
Over the past years, Holland Shipyards Group has proven to be a reliable partner in these type of projects.

Clients have left their vessel in our caring hands, and have seen their vessel redelivered, ready to go at it another 20 years or more. Throughout those projects, we are in constant communication and look for ways to deal with challenges as they arise. Never is it our intention to let a scope grow uncontrolled with the goal of billing variation orders. We believe that these kind of challenges you should face together! Our project managers not only represent the shipyard, but they will also defend your interest, as the success of their project in the end depends on your satisfaction.

"Projects are often complicated with many grey areas. Holland Shipyards Group will work with you to effectively address these challenges."

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