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When markets turn bad, there is the problem of excess tonnage. This has happened in many markets, including the tanker market, the container shipping market and the offshore support market.

Rather than laying up your vessel, it may be worthwhile to enter a different market with your existing vessels. Holland Shipyards Group has completed some outright revolutionary projects in the past years, showcasing our ability to think outside far outside the box. We have converted Offshore Support Vessels into accommodation vessels, container vessels into roro-carriers for the offshore renewables industry, and many more projects.

Our team understands what is required to create consensus with the authorities, and how to mitigate risks during the design and execution phase. The fact that we have partnered with some of our clients in the past, shows our conviction in what we are doing. When you find yourself at a crossroads for the vessels in your fleet and are looking to develop new markets, let us join this process!

"Holland Shipyards Group has shown commitment to its concepts by partnerring with our clients, either in ownership or in exploitation. We believe skin in the game makes a big difference."

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