March 5, 2021

Delivery of the IJveer 66 completes the IJveren 60-serie

With the official christening of the IJveer 66 on March 2, 2021, the building of the IJveren 60-serie for GVB, Amsterdam municipal transport provider, has been completed.

Hybrid ferry IJveer 66

The IJveer 66 is the seventh IJveer Holland Shipyards Group delivered to GVB and, for now, the closer of the IJveren 60-serie. With its hybrid drivetrain and capacity for 310 persons, it meets up both the demand for more intense operations and growing transport requirements, as the demand to provide public transport in a sustainable way. The hybrid drivetrain with 272 kWh battery capacity, combined with an exhaust gas treatment system aids in the reduction of harmful emissions and fuel consumption.

IJveren 60-serie

With the start of the IJveer 60-serie, in 2016, both GVB and Holland Shipyards Group have become experienced in electrification of vessels and the operational challenges that come with this process.

Although the first IJveer, IJveer 60, has been the blueprint of developing the complete IJveren 60-serie, the design of the vessels evolved during the process. A few adjustments have been made; larger batteries were installed, a different type of thrusters and cleaner engines.

The delivery of the last IJveer within the serie does not mean the cooperation between the parties comes to a close and Holland Shipyards Group is proud to continue the cooperation with GVB with the build of the fully-electric North Sea Canal ferries.

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