September 4, 2019

Conversion General Cargo Vessel to Hopper Dredger

Faasse Groep selects Holland Shipyards Group for conversion of General Cargo Vessel to Hopper Dredger. After a comprehensive acquisition period, Faasse Groep and Holland Shipyards Group have come to an agreement on the conversion of former General Cargo Vessel “Mandeo” into a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger “Schenge”.

The vessel will be utilized for winning sand products and transshipments to inland vessels. With a name that refers to a historic river in the province of Zeeland she is closely tied to the City of Goes, where the Faasse Groep was founded. The conversion is in line with the Faasse Groep’s expansion plans, and will aid in the consolidation of its position in the raw materials market. The “Schenge” will replace her sister “Scald”, who will then focus on regular maintenance dredging.

Holland Shipyards Group has been contracted to convert the vessel hopper, build a jointly designed dredging system and execute various other works on board.  The carrying capacity of the vessel will be approx. 2.600 m3 in two holds, allowing transport of dual cargo.

“We opted for Holland Shipyards Group because they were responsive in the process. We really had a positive impression of the mindset of the yard, which is a direct match with our own company culture.” Says Dhr. Faasse, owner of Faasse Groep. “The goal is to have her in the field in Q1 next year, and we are confident that the yard has a track-record that allows this sort of time constraint.”

As Holland Shipyards Group, we thank Faasse Groep for the trust given and we look forward to delivering another project to the dredging market.

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