August 23, 2019

GVB awards IJveer 64 and 65 to Holland shipyards group

After successfully taking delivery of four ferries already, GVB Amsterdam has decided to call for two additional options and expand the current fleet of ferries. Due to a constantly growing transport requirement from the North side of Amsterdam to the city center, also demand is growing for more intense operations. By adding these two ferries to the fleet, GVB is meeting this demand.

The design, which was at the time nominated as Ship of the Year, has proven itself to be a capable ferry and a worthy expansion to the existing range of ferries. The hybrid drivetrain with 272 kWh installed battery capacity, combined with an exhaust gas treatment system aids in the reduction of harmful emissions and fuel consumption. This brings the IJveer 60-series in line with the City of Amsterdam’s environmental goals.

Length: 33,60 m

Width: 9,00 m                      

Draft incl. thrusters: 2,07 m          

Installed battery capacity: 272 kWh            

Installed propulsion capacity: 2 x 250 kW

Sailing speed max.: 19 km/h                  

Capacity: 400 pedestrians /  310 pedestrians with bikes

IJveer 64 is expected to enter service mid- 2020 and her sister IJveer 65 will follow in the second half of 2020.

As builder of the IJveer 60-series, we as Holland Shipyards Group are proud and grateful for the trust placed in us by GVB Amsterdam!

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