June 3, 2019

Hopper barges; a market rife with opportunity

The European fleet faces a serious shortage in hopper vessels and barges. To respond to this market, Conforza BV has contracted Holland Shipyards to convert their recently purchased river tanker into a self-propelled hopper barge. The vessel, which will have a 1.600 m3 or 2.600 tons carrying capacity, is being refitted, introducing 300tons of new steel construction to the vessel.

“We purchased the tanker for her excellent Dutch build quality and the excellent state of the hull construction. This safeguards the durability of the vessel in all loading conditions. The vessel will be constructed with on continuous hopper, allowing for faster loading and unloading. The hold volume is kept at a maximum, allowing the vessel to transport normal bulk cargo as well,making the vessel more versatile in operations.

During the yard selection process, we appreciated Holland Shipyards’ responsiveness and their indicated project planning. Right now, we can really see that even though the tight schedule, the eye for quality is still there!” Says owner Peter Lenten, proud owner of the “Conforza”

“Working with Holland Shipyards has been an absolute pleasure. I do appreciate their openness and straightforward approach. Having a direct line with everyone in the organization makes it all the more easy to get the ship in the way I want it.”

The 90-meter long and 11,40 meter wide vessel is expected to assume operations this summer.

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