April 18, 2024

Holland Shipyards Group builds new cement tanker for Eureka Shipping

We are excited to share our recent ongoing project: a newbuild cement tanker for Eureka Shipping Canada.

The vessel, designed and engineered in-house, showcases our expertise in both desiging, engineering and building. With dimensions of 122.90 by 23 meters, it features a total cargo hold volume of 10,700 m³ across four holds, enabling the transportation of diverse cargoes simultaneously. This versatility meets our ability to tailor solutions to the specific operational needs of our clients.

Energy efficiency

At the core of this new vessel is its diesel-electric propulsion system, equipped with four diesel generators each producing 940 kWe and two rudder propellers with a capacity of 1300 kW each. This diesel-electric setup emerges as the most efficient solution, combining power with sustainability. The ship’s design includes fuel-efficient engines capable of running on HVO biofuel, and two rudder propellers that provide 360-degree thrust for superior maneuverability. Additionally, the vessel is outfitted with energy-saving features such as LED lighting and advanced cargo handling equipment. Noise insulation and silencers have been installed to minimize operational noise. The ship is also ready to operate on shore power once it becomes available.

Expected to be delivered in the first half of 2025, the construction of the vessel is currently in full swing, with the building of the hull well underway.

This project underscores our venture into new markets, reinforcing our position in the global maritime industry through the construction of versatile and environmentally responsible vessels.

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