September 21, 2023

Holland Shipyards Group renews vessels for Fleetcleaner

In the footsteps of her sister vessel ‘Thunderbird 3’ we just delivered the ‘Thunderbird 4’, an inland cargo vessel converted to a special work vessel. The 'Thunderbird 4' is now ready to fulfill her task in cleaning operations of seagoing vessels.

The Thunderbird 4 is a 24/7 deployable work vessel specially adapted for ship cleaning activities in Dutch and Belgian seaports. The work is carried out in petroleum harbours, among other places.

Several major adjustments are carried out in this conversion, like shortening the vessel’s length by 8 m to 64,89 m in our dry dock facility. The rest of this project’s scope included the renewal of the accommodations and the wheelhouse, the installation of a service crane and service winch on deck and the modification of the cargo hold. Several technical spaces have been constructed for housing filtering installation, control room, engine and stores. We also took care of the complete electrical installation, piping, HVAC and the installation of a 296 kVA Volvo Penta generator for powering of the robotic cleaning operation.

Fleetcleaner and Holland Shipyards Group both share the mission to making the maritime industry more sustainable. The hull cleaning service contributes to lower emissions, by reducing water resistance, thereby enhancing speed and fuel efficiency. As a yard we do our part by breathing new life into an existing vessels; converting a vessel is a sustainable way to expand your fleet.

Reviving vessels for a greener future

With our roots in ship repair, transforming vessels for new purposes is something that’s been ingrained in us from an early age. Together with ship owners we will focus on maximizing the potential of existing assets and provide the best solutions that align with their goals.

In addition to this we have also been contracted by Fleetcleaer to provide new filter systems for their existing fleet of vessels. Another sustainable approach to unlocking the full potential of an asset.

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