January 23, 2023

Holland Shipyards Group signs contract with De Bock Maritiem for two new shortsea vessels

With the signing of a contract for two newbuild coasters for De Bock Maritiem, Holland Shipyards Group expands their sustainable efforts in the shortsea market.

The 3.600 DWT vessels, designed by Conoship, will transport dry cargo and have a low air draft, making them suitable for inland waterways and the Rhine as well. The vessels will measure 88,00 by 13,20 m and have a cargo hold capacity of 5.100 m³.

Future ready

The vessels will have 50% fewer emissions and the total energy efficiency of the vessels will be 30% higher than the international standards (Energy Efficiency Design Index). This is achieved by, among other things, diesel-electric propulsion, optimized propeller and hull shape, and very low power.

Following the energy transition, and the sustainability goals of De Bock Maritiem, the vessels have a modular built design. The generators are located in an easily accessible space making the vessel suited for future conversions. The E-room remains unaffected by such a conversion.

Sustainable short sea market

Holland Shipyards Group enjoys working together with organizations to make the maritime industry more sustainable. These two coasters prove that sustainability is an important pillar in the short sea market. With possible future developments, the ships can grow along with sustainability.

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