February 18, 2021

Holland Shipyards Group to build new survey vessel for Waterschap Scheldestromen

Waterschap Scheldestromen has awarded Holland Shipyards Group for the delivery of a new survey vessel. The new vessel, a replacement of their current vessel, is expected to enter service by the end of 2021.

The vessel measures 15,15 m by 4,90 m and will be suitable for sailing along the Zeeland coast, up to 5 nautical miles off the coast. It will be provided with two permanent magnet motors, each with a capacity of 85 kW, and a generatorset with variable speed, ensuring optimal fuel consumption and operational reliability by switching generators on and off automatically.

For its hydrographic survey duties it is equipped with both a singlebeam and multibeam echosounder.

The ship’s design takes in account future plans to be converted into a battery powered full electric vessel.  

Building of the vessel will start in March at the Holland Shipyards Group’s yard in Werkendam.

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