May 30, 2019

TV DredgIng quIckly turnIng Into PSD specialist

Building in series can go fast! In a stretch of just three years, TV Dredging is well underway to reaching building number 45 in a series of standardized Plain Suction Dredgers.

At the start of this year another series of newbuilds has commenced, rightfully making TV Dredging an expert in the design and construction of PSD’s. Plain Suction Dredgers are typically utilized for waterway and hydro dam maintenance or winning of sediments. Nozzles eject water under very high pressure, loosening the river or lake bed. The suction head then removes the sediment and transports it to the shore.

Where one half of the series is diesel-hydraulic driven, the other half is electric-hydraulic driven, with power supply from the shore. This is an ideal solution where sufficient onshore power is available, significantly reducing harmful emissions. In the meantime,

TV Dredging is optimizing her designs for specific use in deeper water and for products with more roughness.

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