May 25, 2022

Third hybrid ferry for Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel delivered

SFK is taking another step forward in greening their fleet with the delivery of their third hybrid ferry already. On May 25 Holland Shipyards Group handed over the hybrid ferry ‘Wik’ to Schlepp- und Fahrgesellschaft Kiel.

After the previous delivery of the hybrid ferry ‘Gaarden’ (July 2020) Holland Shipyards Group had been awarded with a contract for three additional similar hybrid vessels: ‘Friedrichsort’, ‘Wik’ and ‘Schilksee’. Both the ‘Friedrichsort’ and the ‘Wik’ have been put in operation in the Kieler Fjord. The ‘Schilksee’ will follow in the beginning of 2026.

The ferry measures 33,50 m by 9,00 m and is provided with a hybrid drivetrain that can be powered by either generators or by means of a battery system. The ‘Wik’ is equipped with two electric propulsion motors with 255 kW each and a battery capacity of 273 kWh. The batteries will be charged overnight at a charging station.

Renewing current fleet

With the new vessels, SFK is renewing their current fleet. The replacement of the fleet is in line with the environmental goals set by SFK and the city of Kiel. The city of Kiel aims to be CO₂ neutral by 2035  and expects shipping to play a major part in this shift. Replacing the fleet adds great value to this and Holland Shipyards Group is proud to contribute to this.

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