October 8, 2020

TV Dredging delivers fully-electric new dredger to Royal Smals

With a suitable small ceremony held the 8th of October, TV Dredging, part of the Holland Shipyards Group, proudly handed over the fully-electric new build dredger “Vrouwezand” to her owner Royal Smals. The custom build deep suction dredger will immediately be put into operation on an inland project in the area of Rouveen, in the Netherlands.

The jointly designed vessel, type TVD PSD35E, measuring 22,00 m long and 7,51 m wide, has a dredging depth of 27,30 m, making her suitable for a range of sand mining projects. The installed electrical capacity amounts 1.000 kW in total, with 550 kW for the DN350 dredge pump and 375 kW for the jet pump. ”Vrouwezand’s” dredging system is equipped with a highly efficient submersible PM motor, which contributes to lower energy consumption and reduces emissions.

User-friendliness with a sustainable focus

Besides having a sustainable focus, the vessel, is also extremely user-friendly. The dredging process, for example, has beenfully automated.

Another remarkable feature is the vibration monitoring system on the submersible PM motor which monitors the condition of its bearings and the imbalance of the dredge pumps.

These features ensure that not only sustainable sand dredging has been a subject of focus, but also maintenance friendliness of the system.

Committed to sustainability

Both TV Dredging and Royal Smals share a strong commitment to working on a sustainable future for both the maritime and dredging industry. As sustainability comes in many ways, we not only focus on building green vessels, but also pay attention to an environmentally sustainable production process.

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