April 20, 2020

TV Dredging nominated to build new plain suction dredger for Royal Smals

Royal Smals has ordered a fully-electric deep suction dredger at TV Dredging. The new vessel, a custom build dredger, will be used for sand extraction.

The jointly designed vessel, measuring 22,00 m long and 7,51 m wide, has a dredging depth of 27,30 m. The totally installed power is 1000 kW, with 550 kW for the DN350 dredge pump and 375 kW for the jet pump. It is equipped with a highly efficient submersible PM motor, which contributes to lower energy consumption and reduces harmful emissions.

Besides having a sustainable focus, the vessel, type TVD PSD35E, is also designed from an userfriendly point of view. For example, the dredging process is fully automated. Another remarkable feature is the vibration monitoring system on the submursible PM motor for determing the condition of the bearings of the PM motor and imbalance of the dredge pumps.

The vessel is expected to enter service in the second half of 2020.

Photo: dredger Zwarte Water owned by Royal Smals.

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