The pump is what it is all about with regard to any dredging system. The right pump choise is crucial.

We offer high-performance pumps (GIW) that are very hardwearing and can be provided in a wide range of types. A useful Slysel calculation application ensures that the “Best Efficiency Point” can be attained. We will produce a pump and pipework resistance calculation based on customer requirements and will determine which pump will give the highest yield. Amongst others we pay attention to production, wear and energy consumption.

We provide and modifie GIW-pumps in different models, such as sumersible, booster, jet water, slurry and double-walled pumps. Also the pumps can be provided with different seals.

Repair and service

Our specially trained engineers can perform sound maintenance and repairs on GIW and other pumps. We can also, of course, provide these services on-site.

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