With our aspiration for innovation and the use of a sophisticated mix of traditional crafts and ultramodern technology, we deliver durable dredging systems with low operating costs and a great performance.

Hopper dredgers

Completely new builds, conversions of a vessel into a suction dredger and conversion of existing suction dredgers, these are areas in which we excel.

We have succesfully built and delivered various custom-built diesel electrical hopper dredgers. We can fit out a self-propelled hopper as a turnkey project completely in-house.

Stationary plain suction dredgers and cutter suction dredgers

The conditions under which dredging takes place depends on the location, dredging depth, soil conditions, dimensions of the pit and ecological regulations. Our suction dredgers are designed to achieve your specific production goals within every condition thinkable.

We develop a modular system for stationary suction dredgers, synchronised with the requirements and preferences of our customers. Our sand pump and suction dredgers can be disassembled and can easily be shipped anywhere by any means of transport; severely cutting transit time. We supply both diesel and fully electrical suction dredgers equipped with the most modern of dredging automation and navigation systems.


In addition to designing, manufacturing and maintaining suction dredgers and dredging systems, we also build customer specific systems. Often these specials must be built under considerable time pressure and this is a challenge we enjoy meeting head-on.

Examples of these specials include sand treatment systems, transhipment pontoons, equipment vessels, booster stations, irrigation pump sets and electrical underwater drives.

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