Fully electric ferries 'Rosfjord' and 'Lafjord'

Client: Boréal

Type vessel: fully electric ferry

Date: 2021

The 'Rosfjord' and 'Lafjord' ferries are two fully electric ferries to be put in operation on the Abelnes-Andabeløy and Launes-Kvellandstrand routes in the Agder province, Norway.

In between trips, shore power will be used to rapidly recharge the ferries’ batteries, allowing day-round operations on electric power. For emergency cases, back-up generators are installed, which are capable of running on bio-diesel.

LENGTH: 49,80 m and 29,80 m

WIDTH: 14,70 m and 10,20 m

CAPACITY: 35 cars and 10 cars, 146 and 96 persons

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