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Hydrogen vessel 'H2 Barge 2'

Client: Future Proof Shipping

Type vessel: inland cargo vessel

Date: 2024

The internal combustion technology is replaced with hydrogen technology, removing the main engine with a reduction gearbox. The diesel engine driving the bow thruster and the diesel generators are replaced by a new modular propulsion system. This consists of electric motors, hydrogen tanks, a PEM fuel cell system (for converting hydrogen into electricity power) and a battery system.

With six fuel cell modules, the H2 Barge 2 has a fuel cell capacity of 1.2 MW. We applied an innovative cooling and ventilation system, carried out with a subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The vessel has a cargo capacity of 200 TEU, but provisions are made for an additional push barge.

LENGTH: 110 m

WIDTH: 11,40 m


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Cargo vessels
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