IJveer 60 series

Client: GVB Amsterdam

Type ship: Ferry

Date: 2016 - 2020

In 2016 Holland Shipyards Group delivered the first ferry, IJveer 60, of the IJveer 60-series for the public transport company of Amsterdam (GVB). In the following years GVB expanded their fleet and opted for another six sister vessels. The IJveer 65 entered service in 2020 and the IJveer 66 is expected to enter service in February 2021.

The public transport company of Amsterdam (GVB) and the Municipality of Amsterdam aim to provide zero-emission public transport in the Municipality of Amsterdam and surroundings.

The IJveer 60-series are provided with a hybrid drivetrain with 272 kWh installed battery capacity, combined with an exhaust gas treatment system aids in the reduction of harmful emissions and fuel consumption.    

Both the IJveer 60 and IJveer 61 were nominated for Ship of the Year by the KNVTS.

LENGTH: 33,60 m

WIDTH: 9,00 m

DRAUGHT: 2,07 m


CAPACITY: 310 persons

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