Fully electric ferry 'Elrond'

Client: Innlandet Fylkeskommune

Type ship: Ferry

Date: 2021

The 'Elrond' is the first fully-electric ferry for Innlandet Fylkeskommune and will operate within the waters of the Randsfjorden, Norway's fourth-largest lake, connecting the cities of Tangen and Horn. The new ferry is in line with the green targets of the province, it is completely emission free and entirely powered by battery power.

Charging the batteries is done overnight, allowing day round operations on electric power.

An important challenge in this project is the land-locked situation of the lake. To solve this issue, the ferry will be built in blocks, transported to her destination and assembled on-site.

LENGTH: 33,70 m

WIDTH: 11,60 m

CAPACITY: 48 to 65 persons (summer/winter) and 16 cars

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