Rotra Mare and Rotra Vente

Client: Concordia Group

Type ship: Flat deck windmill transport vessel

Date: 2016

In 2016 we converted two coasters, the Rotra Mare and Rotra Vente, for efficient Ro-Ro transport. For each of the vessels, the cargo hatch covers were removed and instead a very solid, completely flush 2,000 square metres main deck was created, with a maximum payload of 17.5 tons per square meter. The space below – the former cargo holds – became support structures, ballast tanks and void spaces.

The most visible modification to the vessels was done at the bow. The loading and unloading of the heavy components will be done on wheels with self-propelled modular transporters, as this creates independence of crane infrastructure at both the loading and offloading site, to be more cost-effective and independent of wind conditions. The multi-wheeled vehicles will roll onto the main deck over a bow ramp, which extends towards the quay with a hydraulic system.

LENGTH: 141,60 m

WIDTH: 20,60 m

DRAUGHT: 9,50 and 7,10 m

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