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Survey vessel

Client: Waterschap Scheldestromen

Type ship: survey vessel

Date: 2021 - 2023

Holland Shipyards Group was awarded by Waterschap Scheldestromen to build their new survey vessel, named “Meermin IV”. The new vessel is suitable to travel along the coast of Zeeland, up to 5 nautical miles off the coast. It has been equipped with two permanent magnet engines, each with a capacity of 85 kW, and a variable speed generator set. This ensures optimum fuel consumption and operational reliability by automatically switching the generators on and off.

For the hydrographic survey tasks, the vessel is equipped with both a single-beam and a multibeam echosounder.

LENGTH: 15,15 m

WIDTH: 4,90 m

DRAUGHT: 1,05 m

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