Cargo vessels

Hybrid coaster 3600 TDW

Client: De Bock Maritiem

Type ship: coaster

Date: 2022 - 2025

Holland Shipyards Group, in collaboration with Conoship, has designed and constructed advanced coaster vessels. The 3,600 DWT vessels are tailored for the transportation of dry cargo and feature a low air draft, making them ideal for navigating inland waterways, including the Rhine. The vessels will measure 88.00 meters in length and 13.20 meters in width, with a cargo hold capacity of 5,100 m³.

Future Ready

These vessels will achieve 50% fewer emissions and an overall energy efficiency 30% higher than the international standards set by the Energy Efficiency Design Index. This impressive performance is due to several factors, including diesel-electric propulsion, an optimized propeller and hull shape, and very low power consumption.

LENGTH: 88,00 m

WIDTH: 13,20 m

DRAUGHT: 4,30 m

DEADWEIGHT: 2875 ton


CAPACITY: 5100 m³

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Cargo vessels
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